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Professional Development

We offer Manitoba K-12 teachers professional development courses, seminars and webinars designed to foster agricultural literacy in Manitoba teachers and, in turn, their students. Our professional development opportunities will connect you with agriculture professionals and let you experience our ‘Monday morning’ ready curriculum linked classroom resources.

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What is agricultural literacy?

Ag literacy is the ability to understand the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food, fibre and energy, animals, lifestyle, the economy, and technology.

Why is agricultural literacy important?

Ag-literate citizens understand where their food comes from and the important role agriculture plays in our everyday lives. They have a firm grasp of the issues and realities facing our province's largest industry, and of the opportunities available for them to get involved and make a difference.

By growing your own ag literacy and sharing that understanding with your students through up-to-date knowledge and critical thinking skills, you're informing and inspiring the consumers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

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Check back here for upcoming PD opportunities!

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