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Amazing Agriculture Adventure: Animals

2023 Impact Report

Dear Supporters!

Thanks to your generosity, hundreds of Manitoba students enjoyed an Amazing Agriculture Adventure in Glenlea, Manitoba this October!  

Students learned about Manitoba’s livestock industry by visiting stations highlighting Dairy, Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Pork, Bees, Canola, Veterinary, 4H, and Watersheds. 

For many students, this was their first visit to a farm. For others, the experience deepened their understanding of where their food comes from, how animals are cared for, and why agriculture is so important in our daily lives. You made learning unforgettable! 

Below you’ll find information about the event’s impact, as well as resources you can use to share your impact with your teams and audiences. 

Amazing Agriculture Adventure: Animals 

  • Participants: Students Grades 4 and 5
  • Venue:Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre (Glenlea, Manitoba)
  • Dates:October 4-6, 2023 

Impact Numbers 

  • 650 young explorers and 29 teachers from Grades 4 and 5 participated

  • 17 schools, including 3 homeschool groups, ventured through our interactive stations 

  • 35 station volunteers and 22 class host volunteers from 11 commodities/associations engaged directly with the next generation of consumers, decision-makers and innovators 

  • 525 volunteer hours were provided by supporters to make this event possible 

  • $11,361 worth of volunteer contributions from our partners went into running this program

Quotes from Teachers 

100% of teachers who responded to our follow-up survey after this event said they Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the AAA program increased their students understanding and appreciation of agriculture and the animals involved. 

“We got the great opportunity to come to this farm today. The kids have been loving it, and it fits in our curriculum really well. The stations are really enriching. It’s just a great experience for the kids to be here.” 
Ms. Goosen, teacher, Hampstead School 

“One of my students said, ‘I didn’t know there were different types of chickens - I thought a chicken was a chicken!’ Thank you for sharing your knowledge about where our food comes from!”
Carmen Lachance, teacher, École Assiniboine 

Quotes from Volunteers 

I love the opportunity to engage with students and encourage them to lean in with curiosity. It's not often they have the opportunity to see livestock or barns in person and answer their questions, so events like AAA are excellent experiences to encourage them to discover where their food comes from. 

Agriculture is so important and I think its great to have an organization that educates about it! 

The group that I hosted was from a school that has no budget for field trips like this. If there hadn’t been sponsorship available, these students wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit the farm. They were engaged in the sessions and enjoyed running in the open grassy areas as we made our way from one area to the next – things that we and our farm children just take for granted. 

Seeing the students reactions when they learned that only 1% of the water in the world is freshwater was a memorable experience. They were always surprised and astonished! 

Kids were keen to listen to what we had to say, and their big brains were absolute sponges trying to soak up every bit of information they heard. 

The staff at AITC-M is amazing to work with, it's like being a part of a family! I felt as excited to be a part of it as the students were. 

Media from the Event


Your support brought to life 10 interactive stations, each a window into our province’s agriculture industry. Click on the button below to access and download photos for each station on Dropbox. 


Help launch their next Amazing Agriculture Adventure!

This impactful journey would not have been possible without your vision and commitment. We are inspired by your dedication and look forward to our continued partnership in nurturing the next generation of consumers, voters, innovators, and agriculture professionals. 


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