Who: Grade 9-12 students
When: 2022-23
Where: Your classroom (virtually or in-person)
Time: 60-90 minutes
Cost: Free

Demonstrate the diversity and importance of careers in agriculture and food with this fun game, while supporting students in recognizing how their skills and interests can fit into careers in the industry. Students are faced with various challenges in which they work in groups to determine the careers needed to solve the case. 

The resource promotes the development of important skills and competencies such as: decision making, leadership, listening, collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, communicating, presenting, problem finding and solving, flexibility, creativity, and negotiation.

The game can be played in a classroom environment with a guest facilitator (60-90 minutes), but also has a speed version option that can be used as an event station (15-20 minutes). 

Teachers can also play the game on their own by downloading the resource directly.

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